8t5 Innovations
We are a passionate team with dreams. 
We invest in innovative healthcare companies in China, driven by passionate teams with dreams. 
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Investment Portfolio
Cathay Health Group
The largest doctor education company, and one of the largest doctor online network and big data platform in China, with over 1.5 million paying doctor subscribers and 1.5 million paying nurse subscribers.
Dr. Astro
The only personalized baby cranial remolding helmet company based in China, driven by 3D innovation to treat infants for asymmetrical head shapes such as positional plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and scaphocephaly.
Dr. Astro International
Bridging the medical device technology, manufacturing, and market disparity internationally, especially in the rehabilitation and orthotics sectors. 
Homology Medical
AI combined with high energy physics in designing the best radiation therapy plan.
37 Chaoqian Lu, C2289
Changping District
Beijing, China